Key Features

Overview on Cranberry Cloud key features

GDPR & FCA Compliance

Our systems and contracts are designed to help you comply with GDPR and FCA requirements

User data is encrypted end-to-end from user device to the Cloud. Monthly third-party penetration tests are carried to interrogate our infrastructure security

Predictable Cost

All-inclusive, predictable monthly fee, including Microsoft licence costs

Frequent Backups

Data backups as frequently as hourly, so potential data loss is minimised

Hassle Free

We take responsibility for all patching of servers, relieving our clients of this task

Automatic Saving

We provide for automatic saving of previous file versions so users can restore modified or deleted files

Data Protected

Critical business data is stored in the Cloud, not on staff devices, so risk of data loss is greatly reduced

Dedicated Servers

High specification hardware for superior performance and reliability. Dedicated servers – no sharing with other clients

On-site & Cloud Backups

Backups are stored both on-site (for immediate access) and off-site at a second datacentre for added security. Datacentres are ISO 27001 compliant with redundant Internet connections and 24/7 security-monitoring

Easy Access

Our Desktop Management Application provides for control of applications by individual users. All failed attempts at system access are logged and reported for compliance purposes

Quick Failover

If disaster should strike, we offer a failover service to pre-provisioned servers to get operational quickly in the event of total failure

Features In Detail

Read more about Cranberry Cloud-Hosted Desktop features in Detail