Cranberry Cloud Benefits

Regulatory Changes?

We take care of the IT implications of regulatory changes to help ensure your compliance

Confidence, Compliance And Security

Data security is enhanced, with reduced risk of unauthorised access or loss of data if a member of staff loses their laptop, smart phone or tablet

Peace of mind, that your IT is in the hands of professionals

All-inclusive monthly charge (including support) means that IT costs are predictable

No need to have to use precious capital to upgrade PCs, nor to finance Microsoft software updates

Increased productivity and COVID flexibility by enabling hybrid home and office working, with no compromises on security, sharing or collaboration

Management time is freed-up to focus on the business, not IT

Flexibility In User Numbers

Flexibility to increase (or decrease) user numbers or server resources arising from changes in staff numbers, or to provide greater processing power for those users who require it


Cranberry Cloud Datasheet

Download printable PDF details on Cranberry Cloud

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