About Tivarri

Cloud-Hosted Desktop Services Provider Since 2003

Cranberry Cloud is one of a range of cloud-based services from Tivarri. As one of the longest-serving providers in this market with extensive knowledge of cloud technology, we were involved in the development of the industry-wide communication protocols used for secure remote access. We have migrated thousands of applications to our Cloud-Hosted Desktop platforms, including billing systems, accounting applications Thomson, Reuters, Eikon and Bloomberg Professional.

We also have extensive knowledge of Microsoft licensing options, enabling us to provide you with a cost-effective solution. Tivarri also provides the disaster recovery service SystemFlip Continuous Recovery and the small footprint low energy fanless computer Cranberry Computer.

What We Offer

Our Cloud-Hosted Desktop provides the same look and feel as Windows-style desktops running on conventional computers. Microsoft Office and all the specialised applications your business requires such as Bloomberg, CRM, ERP and accounting packages all work in the same way. No applications run, and no data is stored on local servers or PCs – everything is on Cloud-Hosted servers in data centres designed for fault-free 24/7 operation.

For you, that means no more local servers, server rooms or racks, backup disks or tapes nor any of the paraphernalia associated with onsite servers. For your managers and staff, it means they can securely access their documents and work using any device (PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) from any Internet-connected location, at any time of their choosing.

What We Believe

Tivarri has been a provider of Cloud-Hosted Desktop services since 2003, so we understand and appreciate the IT system requirements of businesses like yours. We know that IT is critical to your business, and that IT failures can be very costly. Whether it’s your trading activity, customer communications or running key applications, you need your IT system 24/7. We also know that your people are likely to be first and foremost financial services experts, not IT experts, and IT can become a distraction from your ‘real’ business and even a source of distraction for managers tasked with running it.

You need complete system reliability; full system compliance, especially with GDPR and FCA regulations; prompt responsive support if things go wrong and the ability to share work and run complex integrated applications such as Bloomberg Professional, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Tradar and Intelliflo alongside Microsoft Office.

Designed To Fulfil Your Needs

At Tivarri we understand Cloud, Cybersecurity, IT and the financial services sector. We realise that your focus is investment and you are seeking a service provider that can take your individual requirements to implement and support a cost effective solution that conforms to best practice while satisfying both regulators 3rd party auditors. It is what we do.
You need complete system reliability; full system compliance, especially with GDPR and FCA regulations; prompt responsive support if things go wrong.

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